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  1. Education is the reason I have been drawn back to the campaign trail. 

  2. We must stop standardized testing immediately. 

  3. We must use the 90 million dollars for testing for technical support for teachers and better lap tops for students and not chrome books. 

  4. I will start my grow your own program. We will take the best of the best students form high school and pay for them to acquire a 2 year degree in education and upon completion they will be able to teacher k-6 and if they remain 2 years their student loan would be forgiven.

  5. After the educator completes the 2 year program they would be invited to complete the second phase of the (LTD)  License Teachers with Degree's program. If they complete the 4 year program and they remain another 2 years their loan would be forgiven. 

  6. We would bring back building trades back in school.

  7. We would partner with 2 year trade colleges so by the time the student graduate they could have a degree as an operator and be prepared for the work force.  

Modern House

Our leadership team will work tirelessly with each of the 254 counties and work on getting the homeless off the streets . We will work with local governments and get the necessary assistance that is needed to deal with the mental illness of both the homeless and veterans in Texas. 

We will make single dwelling housing more affordable and make the purchasing of homes easier for section 8 tenants. We will call this the phase out "8" act. The number eight also means new beginnings in Hebrew and we want to give those folk's a new start in life.  

Doctor's Visit

The healthcare plan that I propose is called the " BIG HAT' coverage, because all Texan's would fall under the coverage. We would get with a company like " Blue Cross Blue Shield" and write policies that would cover all residence in Texas including those that are not citizens. They would have a small co-pay and small deductions. It would cover pre-existing conditions and it would not have a max-out life support clause. 


We are a stronger state as we take advantage of all of our people and utilize their talents from their diverse backgrounds. 

Diverse Group Cheering

I am a believer that we need to move to a more green carbon foot print sooner than later, for now we need to protect our Texas oil and gas jobs. We want to transition and create more job's and companies as we move into a greener foot print. 

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